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Religious Degrees from Jewish-Christian Bible School

Degrees in Jewish-Christianity for both laymen and professionals are available as a Certificate, Bachelor's, Associates, or Masters in Jewish-Christian studies. The difficulty of study is commensurate with degree received. The Certificate program will be the initial offering and should start up in the Fall.

Certificate program
Both Christians and Jewish People, who study for the Jewish-Christian Certificate learn about the Torah and the Life of Jesus. There are four classes in this program. First there is an introductory class explaining Jewish-Christianity which emphasizes the life and ministry of Jesus and gives an overview of Jewish-Christianity in general.  The three remaining courses are about Jewish-Christian worship and are taken back to back over the course of one year. They cover the annual Jewish-Christian worship cycle. Jewish-Christian history and culture are also included in these two courses. After completing the core classes a certificate is awarded and if desired the student can participate in a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremony and/or a Mikvah (Baptism) to become Jewish-Christian.

Also included in the Certificate Program are study of the B'rit Hadashah (New Testament), the Tenach (Old Testament), the life and ministry of Jesus the Messiah, the early beginnings of Jewish-Christianity, the split between Christianity and Jewish-Christianity, and the role of Jewish-Christianity in the world today and going forward.

Dual Degree Program:
We hope to offer a dual degree in Jewish-Christian studies in coming years. This program allows students to take advantage of a previously acquired Associate or Bachelors degree (Preferably in theology or religion). Our Jewish-Christian training program complements your previous studies at Catholic, Southern Baptist, Jewish or other religious institutions. By completing the core courses in our training program and submitting proof of a Associates, Bachelors, or Rabbinical degree from another religious institution, students are granted an equivalent level degree in Jewish-Christian Studies.

Core Courses:
(1) Introduction to Jewish-Christianity

(2) Introduction to the New Testament (B'rit H

(3) Introduction to Tenach (Old Testament)

(4) Introduction to Torah (Law of Moses)

(5) Life and ministry of Jesus

(6) Jewish Christian Worship (a course and seminar about how to combine Jewish and Christian Worship practices with emphasis on Biblical Festivals, Feasts, Holy Days and Halakkah. Also includes several projects concerning how to develop a personal and congregational system of Jewish-Christian worship.)

(7) Biblical or Modern Hebrew (Credit for this course can be transferred from another school) 

(8) Messiah in the Tenach (overview of Messianic passages including symbolic references to Messiah

in the Old Testament).

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Masters Degree:

Those wishing to attain a Masters Degree need to take the graduate level core classes and 2 electives from the graduate course list. In addition they need to do a research project related to Jewish Christianity. Prerequisites include a Bachelors Degree or Rabbinical Degree and appropriate Jewish-Christian Courses.  Appropriate courses include a Hebrew language class, Introductory courses in New Testament and Old Testament (Tenach), and an introductory course in Torah (Five books of Moses).

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