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On-line Jewish-Christian Studies

Study Jewish-Christianity, the religion of Jesus and his early disciples, on-line at Jewish-Christian Bible School. Our courses are ideal for those who seek to have the God given rights of being Jewish while being able to continue to believe in Jesus the Messiah. Our degrees offered in Jewish-Christian studies prepare Jews and Christians for various aspects of Jewish-Christian ministry within the Jewish-Christian community and to a lesser extent the traditional Jewish and Christian communities. 
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    Believing in Jesus, Following the Laws of Moses
Helping Jews to discover Jesus the Messiah and Christians to become Jewish, brings Judaism and Christianity closer together. We are doing what God instructed (Revelation 7:1-8 &14:1-5), offering a way for people to live the best life they can by believing in Jesus and obeying the Law of Moses. After completing one of our on-line programs, you'll either return to your previous religious group with a new purpose and vision or become more deeply invovled in the Jewish Christian community. In either case, you will have the support of friends and mentors at Jewish-Christian Bible School.  Whether layman or religious professional the concepts learned at the school will help you grow and develop as a Jewish-Christian.

Our Curriculum
The Jewish-Christian curriculum at our Bible school focuses on combining these two great faith traditions. Classes focus on studying and living the religion practiced by Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus, being Jewish, practiced Judaism and Jewish Christians believe that he practiced it on the highest and most pure level. So pure in fact that he lived a sinless life that was highly pleasing to God.

The courses you take are based in part on the level of religious degree you seek. Those in the Certificate program take easier tests and study a less rigorous curriculum than someone getting a Masters degree. A Masters degree in Jewish-Christianity involves more in depth study. We hope to start the certificate program in the fall of this year.  In coming years we hope to offer a associates, bachelors, and masters in Jewish-Christian Studies.


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